Pool Leak repairs

Pool leak detection using ground microphones & electronic equipment

Using advanced technology such as ground microphones and electronic equipment, pool leaks can be detected quickly and accurately. These tools allow for precise pinpointing of the leak, saving time and money on unnecessary digging or repairs.

Air leaks & priming problems

Air leaks in pool plumbing can lead to issues with priming, causing the pump to lose its prime and not function properly. This can result in poor circulation, dirty water, and increased energy costs. A professional pool technician can identify and repair air leaks to ensure the proper functioning of your pool system.

Clearing blockages in pipes

Blockages in pool pipes can cause major headaches for pool owners. Not only do they disrupt the flow of water, but they can also lead to more serious issues such as burst pipes or damage to pool equipment. With specialized tools and techniques, a professional can clear any blockages without causing further damage.

Repairs to underground pool plumbing and pool shell

Underground plumbing is essential for a functioning pool, but it can also be prone to leaks or damage from shifting soil or tree roots. Professional technicians have the expertise and equipment needed to repair underground plumbing without disrupting your backyard oasis.

Underwater repairs

Sometimes repairs are needed underwater, which requires specialized training and equipment. From fixing cracks in the pool shell to repairing broken tiles or lights, a professional technician can perform these repairs safely and effectively.

Pressure testing

Pressure testing involves using specialized gauges to determine if there are any leaks in the pool plumbing system. This is an important step when troubleshooting issues with low water pressure or other circulation problems.

Skimmer box replacement

The skimmer box is an important part of a swimming pool’s filtration system, collecting debris from the surface of the water before it reaches the pump and filter. If your skimmer box is damaged or not functioning properly, a professional can replace it with a new one to ensure proper filtration and water clarity.

Pool Leak repairs

Our Happy Clients!

Aussie Leak Detectors really did take the stress out of finding our pool leak. They were recommended to us by a friend, they came out and found our leak in no time at all.

Natalie, Indooroopilly

The team are highly professional and very knowledgeable. They are more then happy to share their years of experience. We highly recommend them.

Adam, Chermside

We had a pool leak and didn’t know what to do. Once we got in contact with the guys at Aussie Leak Detectors, they explained what we needed to do and they helped from there. The years of experience really shows.

Michael, Mount Gravatt

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